Omatsuri 2016

The 6th Annual Omatsuri Festival…  It was a gorgeous day at Max Bell arena. With the larger venue came even more festival goers.  The parking lot was overflowing by 10:30 am but that didn’t deter some 7500 + people.  Congratulations to Ted Wada and his fantastic committee for another very successful day. The test of a new venue was not without its challenges but the Team was undaunted. Thank you also to the sponsors and our community partners for your continued support. Special thank you to the Consul General and his staff for bringing to the festival, a truly unique Japanese artisan.

Thank you to the entire Omatsuri Committee for all of their hard work and dedication. It is a true testament to the great work that they and their army of volunteers do to create the #1 Cultural Festival in the city!

                                          – Written by Joanne Terakita Planidin, President CJCA

Video Created by: Aka Maple