Highlights of the Festival “Omatsuri” include many different varieties of Japanese performance arts and demonstrations which are showcased throughout the day.

We are pleased to confirm that Eitetsu Hayashi will be performing at this year’s event.  Here are the details about this talented Taiko drummer, for additional information, please see this website:  http://jftor.org/taiko2018/

Eitetsu Hayashi Japanese Taiko Drum Concert Tour with EITETSU FU-UN no KAI

Eitetsu Hayashi, Japan’s premier solo Taiko drummer, unleashes the power of sound with Makoto Tashiro, Shuichiro Ueda, Tomonori Hasegawa, and Tasuku Tsuji, members of the Taiko ensemble EITETSU FU-UN NO KAI, as they make their way to Calgary in August in celebration of the 90th anniversary of Canada-Japan diplomatic relations.

Let this extraordinary ensemble take you to the frontier of exciting Taiko vibes at Studio Bell National Music Center and the Calgary Japanese Festival “Omatsuri” this summer.

Each year, we invite another culture to join us to encourage tradition and inclusiveness. This year, we are excited to have Chinese representation in the form of the Jing Wo Lion Dance Team and Zhaoli Dance School who will be honoring us by performing at Omatsuri!

2018 Main Stage


Martial Arts Demonstrations:

Main Stage Schedule/Program to be posted shortly!

Cultural Program from 2017 – 2018 will be posted as soon as it has been finalized:

MC:  Bryan McMillan

11:30 PM  Koto/Shakuhachi/Taiko Concert  Misue Asai-Kauffman & Friends
 12:00 PM  The Art of Kimono/Obi (Sash) Dressing Demonstration  Chiho McCord
 12:30 PM  Sogetsu Ikebana Floral Demonstration  Keiko Otsuki & Students
 1:15 PM Readings of Nikkei Stories & Poetry by 2017 Richard Carver Emerging Artists Award Winner  Diana Morita Cole
 2:30 PM  Japanese Calligraphy Demonstration  Mami Humphreys
 3:00 PM  Manga Caricature Demonstration  Sachie Ogawa
 3:45 PM  Art & Craft of Japanese Sword Video  Rick Corbin
4:45 PM Nikka Yuko Gardens 50th Anniversary Michelle Day
 Ongoing  Ikebana Display  Keiko Otsuki & Students
  Ongoing  Japanese Doll Display  Kumiko Sato
  Ongoing  Japanese Sword Display  Rick Corbin
  Ongoing  Go Information Sessions & Demos  Vincent van der Ploeg